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If you have just updated:

Take unraider from the unraider-for-update and replace it on your flash drive in the /config folder.
Use it.

If you have just decided to start using:

Put the unraider and hook.co files in /config.
Replace the go file in the folder in /config with the following.

export UNRAID_NAME=Tower
export UNRAID_DATE=1654646400
/lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2 /boot/config/unraider
# Start the Management Utility
/usr/local/sbin/emhttp & 




Version 6.12.6 2023-12-01
Upgrade notes
This release includes bug fixes and an important patch release of OpenZFS. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

Known issues
Out of date plugins
Out of date plugins can cause problems, we recommend they be kept current.

Call traces and crashes related to macvlan
If you are getting call traces related to macvlan (or any unexplained crashes, really), as a first step we'd recommend navigating to Settings > Docker, switching to advanced view, and changing the Docker custom network type from macvlan to ipvlan. This is the default configuration that Unraid has shipped with since version 6.11.5 and should work for most systems.

Note that some users have reported issues with port forwarding from certain routers (Fritzbox) and reduced functionality with advanced network management tools (Ubiquity) when in ipvlan mode. If this affects you, see the alterate solution available since Unraid 6.12.4.

Network problems due to jumbo frames
If you are having network issues of any kind, confirm that you haven't enabled jumbo frames. Navigate to Settings > Network Settings > eth0 and confirm the Desired MTU is 1500. For more information see the Fix Common Problems warning for jumbo frames.

Problems due to Realtek network cards
Stock Realtek drivers in the latest Linux kernels are causing network and stability issues. If you are having issues and Tools > System Devices shows that you have a Realtek ethernet controller, grab the part number shown and search Community Apps to see if there is a Realtek driver plugin for that device. For more information, see the support page for Realtek driver plugins.

Adaptec 7 Series HBA not compatible
If you have an Adaptec 7 Series HBA that uses the aacraid driver, we'd recommend staying on 6.12.4 for now as there is a regression in the driver in the latest kernels. For more information see this bug report in the Linux kernel

Other issues?
We highly recommend installing the Fix Common Problems plugin as it will warn you of common configuration problems.

Having other crashes or stability issues? Navigate to Settings > Syslog Server and enable Mirror syslog to flash. This will cause additional wear and tear on the flash drive but is useful in the short term for gathering logs after a crash. After the next reboot, navigate to Tools > Diagnostics and download your anonymized diagnostics (as of 6.12.5, diagnostics automatically include logs that were mirrored to the flash drive). Then start a new topic under General Support and provide all the details of the issue. Once the issue is resolved, be sure to disable Mirror syslog to flash.

Rolling back
If rolling back earlier than 6.12.4, also see the 6.12.4 release notes.

Changes vs. 6.12.5
Bug fixes and improvements
modprobe.d/zfs.conf: remove zfs_dmu_offset_next_sync=0 mitigation - no longer needed

network: Fix IPv6 static address assignment

The workaround for crashes related to the i915 driver on Rocket Lake systems is no longer needed. After upgrading, feel free to open a webterminal and type this, then reboot:

rm /boot/config/modprobe.d/i915.conf

Package updates
nvme-cli: version 2.6
zfs: version 2.1.14
Linux kernel
version 6.1.64


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